Treatments at Pollyanna Reiki are conducted in my calm peaceful and comfortable treatment room.

There are beautiful views of country side for those who wish to enjoy them before and after the treatment.

  • Each appointment is 60 minutes with 45 minutes of Reiki Treatment.
  • Each treatment session costs £30.
  • Get your 6th treatment FREE when you block book and pay for 5 treatments.

Before the treatment, I will review your completed form (provided on your first visit) and ensure all the details and relevant medical information are correct. To ensure true piece of mind, all of our client data is stored in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and not shared with marketing companies.

During the treatment you will be clothed and laid on your back on the treatment bed. The lighting will be soft with the addition of candles and relaxation music. Once the treatment is complete, i will share my experience and you will have the time to share yours also should you wish.

Crystals can be used free of charge, to intensify the treatment. However before this option is taken, a client must have completed 2-3 treatments prior with me to ensure the correct benefit can be achieved.

Although Reiki can be beneficial to many people and does not conflict with other medicines, I do refrain from treating those currently suffering from sprain injuries. This is to ensure any accelerated healing achieved through Reiki is not against the injury which may not be set in the correct place.